• Bryce Canyon Amphitheater

    Bryce Canyon

    National Park Utah

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  • Back Country Campsite Closed

    Due to bear activity at Bryce Canyon's back-country, the following campsite has been closed until further notice: Sheep Creek

Paleontology Discovery Chest

The Paleontology Discovery Chest contains the following:

Fossil Collection with Fossils: A Golden Guide Book
Plastic containers with lids
Fossil Replicas
17 Fossil Molds
Poster - North America in the Age of Dinosaurs
Poster - Geologic Time Scale
Poster - What is a Fossil?
37 Plastic Creatures

Allosaurus Anklyosaurus Apatosaurus
Archaeopteryx Brachiosaurus Crocodile
Cynognathus Dilophosaurus Dimatryma
Dimetrodon Diplodocus Duckbill
Edmontosaurus Horse Ichthyosaurus
Iguanodon Mammoth Moropus
Neanderthal Nothorynchous Pachycephalosaurus
Parasolophus Plateosaurus Plesiosaurus
Polacanthus Protoceratops Pterodon
Raptor Sabertooth Shark
Spinosaurus Stegasuarus Styracasaurus
Triceratops Turtle Tyrannosaurus
Wooly Rhino
Paleontology Discovery Chest and contents
Paleontology Discovery Chest and Contents


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Did You Know?

Mountain lion standing on snow

Mountain Lions have one of the highest hunting success ratios of any predator. 80% of the time they chase a deer, the deer ends up as food. At Bryce Canyon, Mountain Lions are most often seen in winter. More...