• The Kitchen Cabin, Smokehouse and Tobacco Barn in the Distance

    Booker T Washington

    National Monument Virginia

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Monumental Education is the curriculum-based program at Booker T. Washington National Monumental. The program consists of five education programs addressing different phases of Washington's dynamic life. Students will be engaged to compare Washington's life as a slave to their lives today while they are in Kindergarten through First grade. In the Second and Third grades, the students will examine Washington transition from slave to educator. The impact of the American Civil War is the focus of our Fourth and Fifth grade program. How Washington dealt with the challenges of the post-Reconstruction South is discussed with Sixth and Seventh graders. While, 11th graders are challenged to analyze the philosophies of Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois.

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  • Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

    Incident at Harpers Ferry: John Brown's Raid, 1859

    John Brown had a burning desire to destroy the evil institution of slavery; this drove him to organize the 1859 raid on Harpers Ferry, site of the U.S. Musket Factory. Although Brown’s raid didn’t “succeed,” it helped propel our country into war, a conflict which would eventually bring about the end of slavery. What happened during the raid? Why was the South so frightened by this event? What effect did the raid, Brown’s words during his trial, and his execution have on our country?

  • Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

    Incident at Harpers Ferry: Slavery and John Brown

    John Brown was brought up in a strict Calvinist environment, in which he was taught that slavery was a sin. With a difficult personal life, including loss of his first wife and little success as a businessman, in 1855 Brown set out to do something he had always detested – slavery. What was the institution of slavery like in our country? What did Brown do out in Kansas? Is it ever okay to use violence to bring about needed change?

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