• Colonial Boston Map, Faneuil Hall and the Charlestown Navy Yard skyline


    National Historical Park Massachusetts

USS Cassin Young eTour

Below & Above Deck

Main Deck

Introduction (15 mb) Introduction (15.5 mb)

Crew's Quarters (12 mb)

5 inch Gun (11 mb)
Crew's Mess (14 mb)
Ammunition Handling Room (11.3 mb)
Head (9 mb) Practice Loader (10.5 mb)
Chief Petty Officers' Quarters (9 mb) 40mm Gun (15.6 mb)
Chief Petty Officers' Mess (8.3 mb) 20mm Gun (8.5 mb)
Officers' Staterooms (8.9 mb) Depth Charges (7 mb)
Barbershop (7.6 mb) Hedgehogs (9 mb)
Pilot House Torpedoes (13.7 mb)
Radio Central (12.4 mb) Combat Information Center (13.5 mb)
Fair Weather Bridge (7 mb) Emergency Radio Room (12.5 mb)
After Steering (5.9 mb) Supply Office (6.9 mb)
I.C. & Plot (12.4 mb) Captain's In Port Cabin (12 mb)

Fire Room (7.7 mb)

Sick Bay (8.7 mb)

Engine Room (12.7 mb)

Wardroom (10.7 mb)

Machine Shop (9.6 mb)

Galley (10 mb)

Ship's and Engineer's Office (15.3 mb)

Laundry (4 mb)
In Closing (14.8 mb) Kamikaze Strike Site (13 mb)

In Closing (14.8 mb)


Did You Know?

Drawing of Bunker Hill Monument under construction.

Did you know that the financing for The Bunker Hill Monument was a hand-to-mouth project, culminating in a bake sale in 1840, three years before the dedication? By contrast, The Dorchester Heights Monument was financed by an appropriation from the Massachusetts Legislature amounting to $100,000.