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Commanders of USS Cassin Young

CDR Earl Tobias Schreiber, Commissioned in 1929, retired as Rear Admiral. Served as CO 12/31/1943 to 10/31/1944.

CDR John William Ailes III, Commissioned in 1930, retired as Rear Admiral. Served as CO 10/31/1944 to 08/29/1945.

LCDR Carl Ferdinand Pfeifer, Commissioned in 1939. Served as CO 08/29/1945 to 05/28/1946.

CDR James Boyce Denton, Commissioned in 1937. Served as CO 09/07/1951 to 11/21/1952

CDR Thomas Joseph Rudden Jr., Commissioned in 1939, retired as Rear Admiral. Served as CO 11/21/1952 to 07/10/1954

CDR Kenneth Barth Brown, Commissioned in 1942. Served as CO 10/07/1954 to 08/17/1956

CDR Clifton Bledsoe Cates, Jr, Commissioned in 1943. Served as CO 08/17/1956 to 09/14/1958

CDR , John Homer Hooper, Commissioned in 1944. Served as CO 09/14/1958 to 04/29/1960

LCDR Alfred Brunson Wallace, Commissioned in 1939. Prospective Commanding Officeer, Killed in Action 07/31/1945

Did You Know?

Colonial Boston Docks

Owning a shop to sell sewing supplies was one of the few occupations available to women in 18th century Boston. Many women were widowed by the French & Indian War and supported their families by working in the sewing trades. By 1770 over 70 shop-owning women in Boston were called "She-Merchants."