• Colonial Boston Map, Faneuil Hall and the Charlestown Navy Yard skyline


    National Historical Park Massachusetts



  1. Shipyard records and material from the Navy's time in Charlestown
  2. 70,000 photographs and negatives of the Boston Naval Shipyard and surrounding establishments
  3. 13,000 architectural drawings
  4. Records from the First Naval District
  5. Ship history files of ships that were built, launched, repaired, or commissioned at Boston Naval Shipyard
  6. The Boston Naval Shipyard News (the newspaper of the yard)
  7. USS Cassin Young photographs, blueprints, manuals, and ship records
  8. Visitor registers for Bunker Hill Monument, as well as documents relating to the monument's history
  9. Documents relating to Faneuil Hall, Dorchester Heights, Old North Church, Old State House, and Old South Meeting House

    For more information on Boston National Historical Park's collections, please contact David Vecchioli, Museum Curator, at 617-242-5603.
On Line Resources

Below you will find links to some of our on line resources
  1. New Hampshire Participants in the Battle of Bunker Hill (pdf file--322K)
  2. Ships built in the Charlestown Navy Yard (pdf file--461K)
  3. Development of Shipbuilding at the Charlestown Navy Yard

Did You Know?

Lucy Stone

The request to reserve Faneuil Hall on December 16, 1873, identified the event as a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. In truth, Suffragette Lucy Stone held the first women's suffragette meeting in the "Cradle of Liberty." She surprised many with her real agenda that day.