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Bunker Hill Monument Stairs Repair

Bunker Hill Monument

Bunker Hill Monument Circa 1890

Good things are happening at the Bunker Hill Monument.
The National Park Service has awarded a contract under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to repair and stabilize all four sets of stairs that lead to the Bunker Hill Monument. The granite stairways, a major feature of the historic landscape of the Bunker Hill Monument, sit upon piers that have deteriorated due to poor drainage. This project will repair all of the piers and regrout and reseal all the joints in the stairways. Any walkway paving that is disturbed during construction will be restored and the stairway handrails will be sandblasted, galvanized, and painted.

The stairways leading from the Connecticut Gate and the Massachusetts Gate will be repaired first, followed by the stairways leading from the New Hampshire Gate and the United States Gate.

Visitors will have access to the Monument grounds throughout the project and the handicapped ramp will remain open.

For more information about this project or for information about Boston National Historical Park, please contact the Office of Public Affairs at (617) 242-5616.

Did You Know?

Lucy Stone

The request to reserve Faneuil Hall on December 16, 1873, identified the event as a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. In truth, Suffragette Lucy Stone held the first women's suffragette meeting in the "Cradle of Liberty." She surprised many with her real agenda that day.