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Professional Development

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Summer Teacher Institute, July 29-August 2, 2013

Teachers are invited to explore Boston's Trails to Freedom and meet some famous, and not so famous, Bostonians whose contributions helped to bring the United States from British colonial rule to an independent country, and onto the brink of Civil War. Leading scholars join education staff from the premier historic sites in Boston to make this time period come to life for Boston-area teachers. Recommended for grades 3-8, but all teachers are welcome. Two graduate credit or 45 PDP's available. For information, contact education@paulreverehouse.org . Support for this program is made possible by the Colonial Society of Massachusetts.

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Past topics for the Teacher Institute have included:

  • We were there, too ... Boston History from Many Points of View
  • New England and the Formation of the New Nation
  • Revolution and Resistance: Boston's Role in Preserving Freedom
  • Freedom Trail 101: Trails and Tales of Boston, 1760-1860

Did You Know?

Boston Tea Party from Library of Congress Collection

Did you know that not until 1835 did folks start referring to the event of December 16, 1773 as "The Boston Tea Party?" For the previous 62 years, the event had been called just what it obviously was, "The Destruction of The Tea.