• Lush vegetation on the top of Spectacle Island's North drumlin dominates the foreground. Boston's skyline can be seen in the distance.  The park's logo with tag line minutes away, worlds apart empashises the stark contrast between the city and islands.

    Boston Harbor Islands

    National Recreation Area Massachusetts

Park Planning: On-Line Documents

The following Boston Harbor Islands planning documents are available on the Web. Also see, "Island Research: On-Line Documents."


Boston University Master of City Planning and Urban Affairs Symposium Team. May 2013. Boston Harbor Islands Advisory Plan. Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts. [PDF, 1.01MB]

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Flora, M.D. December 2002. Boston Harbor Islands - A National Park Area, Massachusetts, Water Scoping Report. Technical Report NPS/NRWRD/NRTR-2002/300. National Park Service. Denver, Colorado. [PDF, 954KB]

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Lawton, S., E. Peart, C. Norris, J. Bryan, E. Plosky, D. Porter, J. Lappin. June 2001. Boston Harbor National Park Service Sites - Alternative Transportation Systems Evaluation Report. John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts. [PDF, 9.69MB]

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National Park Service. 2002. Boston Harbor Islands, A National Park Area: General Management Plan. Boston, Massachusetts.

Urban Harbors Institute. Island Alliance. May 2005. Boston Harbor Islands: Renewables Planning Guide. Boston, Massachusetts. [PDF, 8.89MB]

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