• Lush vegetation on the top of Spectacle Island's North drumlin dominates the foreground. Boston's skyline can be seen in the distance.  The park's logo with tag line minutes away, worlds apart empashises the stark contrast between the city and islands.

    Boston Harbor Islands

    National Recreation Area Massachusetts

Be A Junior Ranger

What is a junior ranger?
A junior ranger attends ranger programs, completes activities in a workbook, and promises to take care of Boston Harbor Islands. It is a great way to learn and have fun in the park. When you are a junior ranger, you can teach others how to care for nature.

How do you become a junior ranger?
Before your arrival to the park, download the entire Junior Ranger booklet and bring it to the islands. Complete activities in the booklet and attend a ranger program. Then, take the completed booklet to any Boston Harbor Islands park ranger who will check your answers, sign your booklet, and give you an official Boston Harbor Islands Junior Ranger badge. You can take it home and show all your friends!

What activities can you do at home?
Puzzles and other fun activities are available for children who are unable to come to the islands. Download any of the activities listed below, and complete them at home.

» Crossword Puzzle (200 kb)
» Islands Secret Codes (220 kb)
» Islands Word Search (360 kb)
» Spectacle Island History Detective (875 kb)

Download the Junior Ranger Booklet

» Entire Junior Ranger Booklet (1.8 Mb)
» Programa de actividades para Jóvenes Guardabosques (2.5 Mb)

Did You Know?

Tidal Pools Scavenger Hunt

Massachusetts Water Resource Authority on Deer Island has transformed the water quality surrounding Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area. Once claimed to be one of the dirtiest harbors in America, the waters and shores are clean again. More...