• Dedication of the Shaw Memorial 1897

    Boston African American

    National Historic Site Massachusetts

For Kids

Young boy dressed as "Park Ranger" in front of the Robert Gould Shaw Memorial holding a Junior Ranger badge.

Become a Junior Ranger TODAY!!

Boston African American National Historic Site

Become a Junior Ranger! When you come to Boston African American National Historic Site, find a National Park Ranger at the Museum of African American History’s Abiel Smith School, located at 46 Joy Street. A Park Ranger can give you a copy of the Junior Ranger Handbook.

When you complete the activities in the handbook, a Park Ranger will present a Junior Ranger badge to you.

If you can't wait to get your hands on one, download and print it yourself! Or you can call us and ask us to send one to you. Our number is (617) 742-5415. You can even send us an email.

Did You Know?

Sgt. William Carney of the Massachusetts 54th Regiment and the Boston African American NHS logo

The first African American recipient of the Medal of Honor was William Carney in 1900. Carney was a member of the famous Massachusetts 54th Regiment, and was honored with the medal for his valor at the Battle of Fort Wagner in 1863.