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    National Scenic River West Virginia


sign commemorating the Lilly townsite

The Bluestone Gorge once provided a route of transportation and migration through a rugged, untamed wilderness. Throughout time, people have passed through the gorge and sometimes settled here. Their stories combine to form the rich cultural history preserved as a part of Bluestone National Scenic River.

historic photo of cabin

Thomas Ingles: Mary Draper Ingles' story of capture by the Shawnees and her escape and torturous journey following the New River home is a fantastic story of survival and perseverance. Her son, Thomas Ingles, has an equally amazing story. more…

Did You Know?

Aerial tram system that takes visitors down nearly 1000 feet into the gorge, to Bluestone National Scenic River.

One of the best ways to access Bluestone National Scenic River is via an aerial tram at Pipestem Resort State Park. The ride takes you nearly 1000 feet into the gorge.