• Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

    Black Canyon Of The Gunnison

    National Park Colorado

Second Grade

Fascinating Fossils

Students explore the mysterious processes by which evidence of past life is preserved, and how that evidence can help tell a story. Students will have the opportunity to replicate fossilization. (60 minutes)

Lesson Plan

Pre/Post Visit & In Classroom Activities (151k pdf)

Weather, Weather All Around Us

Through actions, stories, and visual images students explore how rain, snow, wind, and the sun work together to form weather systems. (60 minutes)

Lesson Plan

Pre/Post Visit Activities (205k pdf)

In Classroom Activity (75k)

Water: The Continuing Cycle

Interactive demonstrations and activities illustrate the water cycle and the uses and abuses of this precious natural resource. (60 minutes)

Lesson Plan

Pre/Post Visit Activities (175k pdf)

Did You Know?


Torrence & Fellows were the first explorers to successfully navigate the Black Canyon, hiking and swimming with the assistance of rubber air mattresses.