• Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

    Black Canyon Of The Gunnison

    National Park Colorado

First Grade

Who Goes There?

Students become wildlife detectives using animal tracks and other signs to determine the presence of wildlife. Use of geometric shapes help students classify the vast array of animal signs found in nature. (60 minutes)

Lesson Plan

Pre/Post Visit & In Classroom Activities (243k pdf)

The Five Senses

Activities awaken the students' senses and demonstrate how they can be used to investigate the world around them. (60 minutes)

Lesson Plan

Pre/Post Visit Activities (198k pdf)

Black Canyon Habitats (Field Trip) Join our rangers to explore the varied habitats of the Black Canyon. Students will take part in four activities. They'll build a mini-plant scope to explore the flora of the rim, a scavenger hunt hike to search for components of a healthy habitat, learn about the job of a park ranger (or a geology related activity), and watch a wildlife video in the visitor center. (4 hours)

Lesson Plan

Field Trip Activities (508k pdf)


Did You Know?

Inner Canyon

The temperature at the bottom of Black Canyon is approximately 8 degrees warmer than at the rim.