• The Slater Mill (yellow) and Wilkinson Mill (stone), along the Blacktone River in Pawtucket RI

    Blackstone River Valley

    National Heritage Corridor MA,RI

Corridor Interpretation and Planning Staff

NPS Ranger Chuck Arning

Ranger Chuck Arning doing a program

The Interpretive Rangers are the most visible face of the National Park Service’s affiliation with the Corridor Commission, and their NPS Ranger hats are their most distinctive calling card. Their basic tasks are to tell the story of the Blackstone Valley’s nationally significant role as the Birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution and to promote the restoration of the Blackstone River and its watershed.

The Planning staff of the Corridor Commission helps to further the goals of the Corridor as they relate to preservation of the Blackstone Valley's historic and natural resources. These goals and their subsequent objectives are more specifically identified in the Corridor's guiding master plan, "The Next Ten Years." This charge naturally leads the staff to and through a diversity of projects from historic preservation to education and event planning.


Chuck Arning
Park Ranger & A Specialist

Chuck is the writer, producer and editor of “Along the Blackstone,” an award winning public access cable television series produced several times a year. Chuck is also active in research on the Underground Railroad, Baseball in the Blackstone Valley and coordinates a number of partner projects many focusing on the Blackstone Canal.

Ray Boswell
Park Ranger

Ray is an intermittent ranger who specializes in neighborhood, industrial, work and culture history, the Blackstone Canal, and the City of Worcester. He has also been active in the Paddle Club and teaches courses on New England Industrial and Blackstone Valley history at Worcester State College.

Peter Coffin
Park Ranger

Peter is an intermittent ranger who offers programs in both the history and environmental fields. His areas of interest include Mending, Hoped and Uxbridge as well as the continued restoration of the Blackstone River.

Joanna Doherty
Community Planner

Joanna works on a variety of planning issues in the Heritage Corridor, with a particular emphasis on the preservation of historic buildings and landscapes. In addition to working with partners on specific projects, Joanna provides general technical assistance on preservation topics.

Kevin Klyberg
Park Ranger

Kevin is a historian who presents a variety of educational and public programs around the Heritage Corridor on boats, bikes and buses as well as on foot. He specializes in the Rhode Island communities of the Valley, but does many programs north of the border as well.

Valerie Paul
Volunteer in Parks Coordinator

Valerie is broadening and enhancing the Corridor Commission's successful volunteer program, recruiting new volunteers, and also creating and presenting training programs so that they will be prepared to help share the stories of the Valley.

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