Future of the Heritage Corridor

Blackstone River Bikeway by the Capt. Wilbur Kelly House transportation museum, Lincoln, RI

Blackstone River Bikeway

What is the Future of the National Heritage Corridor?

On October 12, 2006 the National Heritage Areas Act of 2006 was signed by the President, enacting it as Public Law Number 109-338.

This bill includes the reauthorization of the John H. Chafee Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor Commission for an additional five years. The new legislation expands the Commission from 19 to 25 members. It also authorizes appropriations of $5 million for operations and another $10 million for development, and directs the National Park Service to conduct a special resource study of the region to evaluate the possibility of designating one or more resources within the Corridor as a National Park Service unit.

More information about this study will be provided when it is available. Click here to see the legislation.

Cover of Corridor Sustainibility Report

The Heritage Corridor Commission has just begun the planning process for this five year period, and the future beyond that. To see some of the accomplishments of the past 20 years, and some possibilities for future direction, please take a look at the Heritage Corridor Commission's Sustainability Study. As part of the reauthorization campaign, the Commission felt a need to have this Sustainability Study report drafted with the assistance of a multidisciplinary, independent group of professionals, scholars, and experts who could evaluate the activities of the Commission and provide creative strategies for the Corridor’s future. The National Park Service Conservation Study Institute (CSI), a program of the National Park Service (NPS) established to enhance leadership in the field of conservation was the project manager for the Sustainability Study, with participation by the NPS National Heritage Areas office, the consulting firm of Phil Huffman; and Cause and Effect Inc.

Click here for the final report.

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