• Birder on Village Creek Bridge in Turkey Creek Unit

    Big Thicket

    National Preserve Texas

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  • Woodlands Trail Closure

    The Woodlands Trail in the Big Sandy Creek Unit will be closed August 19-29 and September 2-12, 2014, while park staff and an AmeriCorps crew apply herbicide to trifoliate orange, an invasive non-native shrub that has become problematic in that area.

Join Our Friends

The Big Thicket Association was formed in 1964 to save remnants of the Big Thicket ecosystems that once extended over 3 million acres of east Texas. The efforts of the Association led to the establishment of Big Thicket National Preserve in 1974.

The goals of the Big Thicket Association are as follows:

To work for the preservation of the flora and fauna of the Big Thicket area;

To promote the conservation of the natural resources and natural beauty of the Big Thicket;

To promote and to fund research contributing to knowledge of the Big Thicket;

To publish or support publication of cultural and scientific literature on the Big Thicket;

To support the operation and expansion of Big Thicket National Preserve; and

To manage the Big Thicket National Preserve Field Research Station.

For more information, please contact the association at www.bigthicket.org/, or by mail at Big Thicket Association, P.O. Box 198, Saratoga, TX, 77585.

Did You Know?

Venomous Snake

Many kinds of snakes are found in the Big Thicket. Most are harmless, although the venomous cottonmouth, coral, copperhead, and various rattlesnakes do make this their home.