• Birder on Village Creek Bridge in Turkey Creek Unit

    Big Thicket

    National Preserve Texas

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  • Woodlands Trail Closure

    The Woodlands Trail in the Big Sandy Creek Unit will be closed August 19-29 and September 2-12, 2014, while park staff and an AmeriCorps crew apply herbicide to trifoliate orange, an invasive non-native shrub that has become problematic in that area.

Park Statistics

Gross Area Acres for FY 2009 - 106,684
Gross Area Acres for FY 2004 - 97,206
Gross Area Acres for FY 2003 - 97,168

Total Recreation Visits for FY 2004- 106,237
Total Recreation Visits for FY 2003- 99,672

FY 2004 Annual Budget is $2,251,000
FY 2003 Annual Budget is $2,265,000

Did You Know?

Ivory-billed Woodpecker

The ivory-billed woodpecker, once considered extinct, was last seen in the Big Thicket in 1967 near the Neches River. Recent sightings in Arkansas give a glimmer of hope for its return.