• Birder on Village Creek Bridge in Turkey Creek Unit

    Big Thicket

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  • Woodlands Trail Closure

    The Woodlands Trail in the Big Sandy Creek Unit will be closed August 19-29 and September 2-12, 2014, while park staff and an AmeriCorps crew apply herbicide to trifoliate orange, an invasive non-native shrub that has become problematic in that area.

History & Culture

A palmetto

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The Big Thicket

In 1936 the regional study, "Biological Survey of the East Texas Big Thicket Area," was completed by H.B. Parks and V.L. Cory. This report played a significant role in the future protection of the Big Thicket. It was the first effort by concerned people to document and begin a protection scheme of this unique landscape. At the time of the report, it was stated that the Big Thicket area was over one million acres in size.

Did You Know?

Venomous Snake

Many kinds of snakes are found in the Big Thicket. Most are harmless, although the venomous cottonmouth, coral, copperhead, and various rattlesnakes do make this their home.