• Glowing sunset view from overlook - Photo by Jason Barnett Photography

    Big South Fork

    National River & Recreation Area KY,TN

Blue Heron Ghost Structures

Map of Blue Heron for website Bathhouse  Courtship and Marriage  Mine 18    Church  Company Store  Superintendent's House  Concession Stand  Entertainment  Blue Heron DepotSchoolTipple
1 Train Depot
3 Timekeeper’s House
5 Nature’s Bounty
8 Moving
12 The Repair Shop
14 Concession Stand and Restrooms

Did You Know?

Park interpreter presents program on Longhunters.

Longhunters were some of the first Europeans to traverse the Big South Fork region. It is said they were called longhunters either for the long rifles they carried or because the were typically gone on hunting trips for so long, sometimes up to a year.