• Purple, yellow, gold and orange sponges and soft corals wave against a turquioise sea.


    National Park Florida

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  • Boat Tours, Paddle-craft Rentals and Select Conveniences Temporarily Unavailable

    Glass-bottom, snorkel, diving and island boat tours, and rentals for canoes and other paddle-craft, are temporarily unavailable. The park is working to resolve the issue as soon as possible and regrets the inconvenience. Limited snack items are available.

Environmental Education and Outreach Volunteer Opportunities

Overnight Program: If you like sharing South Florida's Great Outdoors with children this is the position for you. Camp at Elliott Key and help 5th - 7th grade students connect to the park's resources. Assist lead camp ranger by prepping program materials and helping conduct activities. This is a 24 hour position once a week. Includes one camping night. Apply

Day Programs: This position requires a willingness to work with large numbers of students at a time. Assist lead ranger with conducting day programs at Convoy Point. Help students identify wildlife and native plants. Help teachers lead activity stations. Assist with program logistics. This is a 4-hour position, as often as desired. Apply

Classroom Program: This position requires a visit to an area school. Present various park presentations to classrooms. Conduct hands-on activity to reinforce presentation. Topics range from coral reef and sea turtles, to lionfish and history. This is a 4-8 hour position, as often as desired. Apply

Canoe Program: This position requires the ability to canoe proficiently. Assist lead ranger in conducting canoe programs in Biscayne Bay. Help teach students about the mangrove and seagrass community. This is a 6 hour position, once a month. Apply

Did You Know?

sea squirts on a mangrove root

Tunicates, or sea squirts, live on the roots of the red mangrove tree. These simple animals survive by filtering plankton out of seawater, and hold promise as the source of potent drugs used to fight tumors. Watch for them when snorkeling along Biscayne National Park's mangrove-fringed shoreline.