• Purple, yellow, gold and orange sponges and soft corals wave against a turquioise sea.


    National Park Florida

Convoy Point &: The Dante Fascell Visitor Center

Dante Fascell Visitor Center
Dante Fascell Visitor Center
Photo by Rob Shanks

The Dante Fascell Visitor Center is the ideal first stop in any exploration of Biscayne National Park. The Center is located at Convoy Point, 9 miles East of the city of Homestead, Florida. Opportunities include:

  • A beautiful museum offers a virtual journey through the park's four ecosystems using dioramas, audio and video.
  • In the auditorium, several films are available to help you learn about the park, including the 11-minute feature presentation Spectrum of Life.
  • The Dante Fascell Visitor Center Gallery highlights the works of local artists who find inspiration in the park.
  • Kids from 2 to 102 can get a feel for bones, feathers, sponges, corals and more at the Touch Table, one of the most popular features in the Visitor Center.
  • The bookstore, operated by the Florida National Parks and Monuments Association, offers a variety of educational items. Proceeds from the sales of these items supports various educational and scientific endeavors in South Florida's four national park areas.

Of course, a park ranger or volunteer is always available to answer questions and help you plan your visit.


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