• Purple, yellow, gold and orange sponges and soft corals wave against a turquioise sea.


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  • Boat Tours, Paddle-craft Rentals and Select Conveniences Temporarily Unavailable

    Glass-bottom, snorkel, diving and island boat tours, and rentals for canoes and other paddle-craft, are temporarily unavailable. The park is working to resolve the issue as soon as possible and regrets the inconvenience. Limited snack items are available.

Professional Development

***Information for the 2014-15 Workshop will be coming out soon.

Biscayne Expedition is a standards-based, overnight camping program that is offered January-March. Classes of 25, plus teachers and chaperones, are transported to Elliott Key to take advantage of one of nature's outdoor classrooms. While a National Park Ranger will help to facilitate your class's visit and will present programs, you, the teacher, and your chaperones are the driving force behind Biscayne Expedition. Teachers must register for and attend a MANDATORY, two day teacher's workshop. During this free workshop, teachers will be transported by boat to Elliott Key and will participate in every aspect of camp that your students will encounter. Teachers will participate in the standards based programs that are presented to your students, as well as cook camp food and sleep in tents. (If you have participated in a Biscayne Expedition Teacher's Workshop within the last two years, you do not need to attend another to bring your students out this school year.)

To help you plan your Biscayne Expedition, follow these steps:

1. View the Overnight Program website for more details about program specifics.


2. Register online: Fill out and submit the Teacher Workshop Registration Form.


3. Call (305) 230-7275 x 08 or e-mail us if you need further assistance.

Did You Know?

Kids discover small wonders with a park ranger.

For over 30 years, Biscayne National Park has been providing 3-day, 2-night residential camping programs for school groups on one of the park's islands. All equipment and boat transportation are provided free of charge. More...