• Purple, yellow, gold and orange sponges and soft corals wave against a turquioise sea.


    National Park Florida

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  • Boat Tours, Paddle-craft Rentals and Select Conveniences Temporarily Unavailable

    Glass-bottom, snorkel, diving and island boat tours, and rentals for canoes and other paddle-craft, are temporarily unavailable. The park is working to resolve the issue as soon as possible and regrets the inconvenience. Limited snack items are available.

Plan A Field Trip

The boardwalk along Convoy Point allows for many opportunities to explore the water's edge.

A teacher reflects on the lessons learned on Elliott Key


Planning a field trip to Biscayne National Park is easy. First you may want to explore your options to find the program that best meets your goals: choose between a day, overnight or classroom program. All program options require a committment from teachers, students and chaperones to learning, as well as a respect for our national treasures. The size and grade level of your group will also be a determining factor in deciding which program is best suited for your needs.

Convoy Point has a boardwalk for wildlife viewing, picnic tables suitable for lunch, bathroom facilities, and canoe rentals. It is also the location of the Dante Fascell Visitor Center, where you can find a touch table, educational videos, a museum, art exhibits, and park staff to make your visit complete.

You can combine program options and park facilities to fit your needs and time restraints. Once you have decided on an education program which meets your class objectives fill out the appropriate registration form and fax or mail it in. If you would like help tailoring your field trip call (305) 230-7275 x 08 or e-mail us.

When planning your field trip remember to check the weather and prepare your students appropriately. Food and drinks are available, but limited. It is recommended that school groups bring their own lunch and water.

Did You Know?


Manatees are aquatic relatives of elephants. They have thick gray skin, coarse hairs, big toenails on their flippers, and lips that can rip and tear plants. Ask a Biscayne National Park ranger for suggestions on good places to look for these gentle giants.