• Big Hole National Battlefield, Wisdom Montana

    Big Hole

    National Battlefield Montana

Park Fun

A visit to Big Hole is not only educational, it can be a lot of fun. In the summer you can help the park rangers put up and take down our tipi. There are all kinds of animals to see including our moose. You can hike, you can put on type of clothing that the Nez Perce and Soldiers wore here in 1877.

There are plenty of things to touch and hold on our Visitor Center touch table.

Did You Know?

Lt John Sturgis

Lt John Sturgis, son of the commanding officer of the 7th Cavalry, was killed at Little Big Horn in 1876. Some think that the extreme caution shown by Colonel Samuel Sturgis at the Canyon Creek Battle, only committing half of his forces, was a result of his son’s death the preceding year.