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  • 2014 Zone 4 Closure

    Beginning at 12:01 am Monday, April 7, 2013, the Zone 4 airboat access within Big Cypress National Preserve will be closed due to low water conditions. More »

  • Turner River Closure

    Turner River is closed due to low water conditions. It is advised that visitors consider paddling Halfway Creek as an alternative. More »

  • Campground Closure

    Beginning January 27, through August 28, Burns Lake Campground will be closed to camping. It will still be accessible for day use and backcountry access, however. More »

  • Interstate 75 Mile Marker 63 Closure

    Beginning summer of 2013, the rest area and backcountry access at Mile Marker 63 will be closed due to construction. More »

About The Artists 2013-2014

Painting - Lynn Uhlmann of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania.
The beauty of nature transcends interefence from everyday distractions. Over the past several years, my paintings have drawn their inspiration from the wooded landscapes in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, in northern Michigan. In my paintings, the viewer is surrounded by an intimate outdoor room of magnificent trees. The patterns of light and shadow inspire an emotional connection to the natural world. My work will continue to express the beauty of nature from this prespective. My technique includes elements of representation and abstraction.
Lynn's residency at Big Cypress will be October 6-26, 2013.

Printmaking, etching & stratograph - Anna Marie Pavlik of Frankfort, Kentucky.
Growing concern for the survuval of natural areas and a need to understand the relationship of people to their environment have encouraged me to work with nature-related themes. My images are focused on revealing and presenting how nature has functioned. I extract the concepts which I visually explore, from my observations of natural sites, science publications, and maps. By creating these works I hope to direct the viewer's attention to the irreplaceable value, sublime beauty, and mystery found within our natural environment.
Anna Marie's residency at Big Cypress will be November 3-23, 2013.

Ink/watercolor painting - Mark Fletcher of Tallahassee, Florida.
My method is to sketch and paint detailed observations from life. I complete some works entirely on site, relating the nature of the park directly in my work. In the studio, I recreate a particular site's impressions in more time-consuming media. My art tends to raise public awareness and appreciation for nature in the United States. When I show my work in galleries or museums, I encourage people to go to the places I have been. By visiting our parks, people are revitalized and will support plants and animals and their natural settings. These days our world is increasingly at risk, but America's national parks inspire folks to protect our ntaural resources.
Mark's residency at Big Cypress will be December 22 through January 3, 2014.

Pen & ink - Ramona Maziarz of Middletown, Delaware.
I am a pen and ink artist. My artwork is detailed, colorful and often humorous. The wonderful way different plants and creatures grow together is what drew me to the study of nature. Nature determinedly leaves no place empty or untouched; weeds, flowers, insects, and creatures living their lives entwined. It's that tangle of life I like to observe and ink. In the chaos of these layers, there is an order, a rule for life; to continue onward, upward, and outward. I try to bring my scenes a gentle acknowledgement to honor the common creatures. I also try to bring the reality not always sought; like the weeds and bugs in a cultured garden or flowers under the glow of the moon. My endeavour is to explore and find the small things lost in this busy world, bringing creatures and bits of nature forward so we may know them intmately again. It goes both ways, the creatures in my artwork look back at you as well.
Ramona's residency at Big Cypress will be February 2-22, 2014.

Photography - Micky Girardi of Hilton Head, South Carolina.
While I embrace technology by printing archival, giclee style prints, every one of my images are captured using 120mm film. While there are many great photographers shooting digitally, I believe that too much technology - overdigitalization in the process - waters down the craft of capturing an image. I feel there is a certain art to not only capturing light on a negative, but being able to create a final product from the tangible. I choose to shoot in black and white because it provides a unique set of challenges. I must strip down my subject of color and represent it in its true form. Shooting in black and white relies on subject matter and layout rather than color alone and while color evokes emotions quickly on the surface, my photos challenge the viewer to pause and look deeper into the image to see the beauty and mystique within.
Micky's residency at Big Cypress will be May 24 through June 7, 2014.

Did You Know?


Ervin T. Rouse (1917-1981) wrote one of the most popular fiddling tunes of all time..."Orange Blossom Special"...about the luxury train from Orlando to Miami. He was a resident of the Loop Road area and a friend of the Seminoles.