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  • Secondary Trail Closure

    As part of a settlement agreement with plaintiffs related to the designation of secondary off-road vehicle trails, all secondary off-road vehicle trails are closed until further environmental review and analysis can be completed. More »

  • October Off-Road Vehicle Advisory Committee Meeting Cancelled

    The National Park Service at Big Cypress National Preserve has cancelled the off-road Vehicle Advisory Committee meeting that was scheduled for Tuesday, October 7. More »

Meeting Reference Materials- 2008


Agenda for next meeting (28.0 KB, .doc file)

Draft minutes of 11/29/07 meeting (75.0 KB, .doc file)

Protocols for communicationg with media (24.5 KB, .doc file)

Report: BICY Off Road Vehicle Recreation and Its Benefits (3.3 MB, PDF file)

Burns Lake ORV trail access map (1.9 MB, .doc file)

Burns Lake ORV trail and 4 x 4 access information (33.5 KB, .doc file)

Draft working principles and ground rules (27.0 KB, .DOC file)

ORV education and permitting (200.1 KB, PDF file)

ORV rules and map (2.2 MB, PDF file)

Bear Island ORV rules and map (441.6 KB, PDF file)

ORV newsletter 04/05 (122.7 KB, PDF file)

ORV newsletter 05/06 (217.5 KB, PDF file)

Subcommittees (27.0 KB, .doc file)


Agenda for 5/12/08 meeting (33.0 KB, .doc file)

Draft minutes of 3/18/08 meeting (117.5 KB, .doc file)

ORV recreational permit: random drawing (30.5 KB, .doc file)

Draft media relations policy (25.0 KB, .doc file)

Tread Lightly! study overview


Agenda for 7/21/08 meeting (35.5 KB, .doc file)

Draft minutes of 5/12/08 meeting (168.5 KB, .doc file)

ATV hospitalization impact (339.8 KB, PDF file)

ATV 2006 annual report (979.7 KB, PDF file)

ATV injuries and deaths to children (37.0 KB, .doc file)

ATV injury prevention (88.3 KB, PDF file)

ATV legislation for children (69.6 KB, PDF file)

ATV injury prevention--Pediatrics (108.8 KB, PDF file)

ATV proposed rulemaking (82.0 KB, PDF file)

ATV statistics (44.6 KB, HTML file)

ORV collisions with trail gates (63.9 KB, PDF file)

Presentation: Unlicensed Operation of ORVs (69.5 KB, .ppt file)

Presentation: Visitor Survey Project (8.6 MB, .ppt file)


11/17/08 meeting agenda (37.0 KB, .doc file)

9/23/08 draft minutes (110.5 KB, .doc file)

Turner River Unit trails map (167.4 KB, PDF file)

Corn Dance unit trails map (227.8 KB, PDF file)

Policy on appropriate/inappropriate ORV use (27.0 KB, .doc file)

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Did You Know?

Many large trees that did exist were harvested in the early 1900s.

There are few "big cypress" in Big Cypress National Preserve. The name actually refers to the great expanse of cypress forest, hundreds of thousands of acres, within the Big Cypress Swamp.