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    Big Cypress

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  • Annual 60-Day ORV Closure for Wheeled Vehicles

    Beginning at 12:01 am Monday, June 2, the annual 60-day recreational ORV closure for all units of the Preserve that allow for wheeled ORV access will begin. The closure will be lifted on Friday, August 1. More »

  • Campground Closure

    All campgrounds but Midway and the loop in the Bear Island Campground are closed through August 29. More »

  • Interstate 75 Mile Marker 63 Closure

    Beginning summer of 2013, the rest area and backcountry access at Mile Marker 63 will be closed due to construction. More »

Authorized Commercial Services & Limitations

The laws, regulations, policies, and directives, along with the Enabling Act for the Preserve, General Management Plan, and the Preserve purpose and significance are used to refine the definition of those activities deemed necessary and appropriate revenue producing visitor services for Big Cypress National Preserve.

A service deemed “necessary” must accomplish one or more of the following:

1. Contributes to visitor understanding and appreciation of Preserve purpose and significance

2. Enhances visitor experiences consistent with Preserve area philosophies

3. Assists the Preserve in managing visitor use and educating Preserve visitors

4. Is an essential service or facility not available within a reasonable distance of the Preserve

5. Addresses one or more of the themes identified in the Preserve’s Long Range Interpretive Plan

A service that is “appropriate” must accomplish all of the following:

1. Is consistent with the purpose and significance of the Preserve

2. Is consistent with laws, regulations and policies applicable to the Preserve and the NPS

3. Does not compromise public health and safety

4. Does not significantly impact or impair Preserve resources or values

5. Does not unduly conflict with other Preserve uses and activities

6. Does not exclude the general public from participating in limited recreational opportunities

Click here for the list of currently authorized services. These activities have been analyzed by Preserve staff to determine whether they are necessary and appropriate. The list was developed by drawing from the activities listed in the 1991 GMP for the Preserve as well as activities identified by the public.

Due to the sensitive nature of Preserve resources and the anticipated number of businesses interested in providing visitor services, initial limits have been set in order to ensure the protection of the natural and cultural resources and maintain the highest possible visitor experience. Click here to see current limits. Click here to read more on sustainable ecotourism and visitor capacity.

Click here to review the process to request activities not currently identified as an authorized service.

Did You Know?

Alligator in the swamp.

Feeding alligators creates nuisance alligators. Every year alligators that have been fed by visitors begin to lose their fear of humans. If these animals become aggresive they are killed to ensure visitor safety. To avoid this tragic end for these unique animals DO NOT FEED THEM.