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Florida Panther

Florida panther, NPS Photo
Florida panther relaxing

Living in or visiting the urban fringe or remote areas of South Florida means that you are in Florida panther habitat. Though there has never been a documented attack against humans by a panther, people should still take precautions. These are large predators that deserve respect.

There are steps that people can take to insure their safety, and that of their personal property from any type of wildlife - panthers, bear, alligators, and even raccoons, opossum and squirrels can all do some damage.

Click on the links below to learn about safely living in and visiting wild areas.
Florida Panthers - What You Need to Know
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The National Park Service partners with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to monitor panthers within the area, track their whereabouts and monitor the health of individual cats and the population as a whole.

Learn more about the monitoring program, and other aspects of the panther partnership in the documents below.

The 2007 Interagency Florida Panther Response Team Report


Would you like to learn more about the status of the Florida panther?

Please use the following link to get the latest, as well as back issues of "Panther Update." The update is a publication made possible through the efforts of Big Cypress National Preserve, Panther National Wildlife Refuge and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Florida Panther_FINAL_HIRES-1
Click here for a downloadable brochure about Florida panthers.

Did You Know?

Bear in a tree.

Many do not expect to see bears in Florida. Actually, we have a healthy population within the state. Big Cypress is one of their ideal habitats in Southwest Florida. If camping in the area, be sure to keep your camp "bear proof."