• Red cliffs descend into the water of Bighorn Canyon

    Bighorn Canyon

    National Recreation Area MT,WY

Things To Know Before You Come

Devil Canyon area
Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area has one of the most unique landscapes in the world. It is best to plan ahead to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.
Bob Croft
Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area is an amazing contrast of high desert, deep lake and shallow river, mountains and canyons, primitive backcountry and modern technology.

To have the best experience possible, it is best to plan ahead for a visit to Bighorn Canyon. Click on any of the links below for some things you will want to know before your visit to the area.

Did You Know?

Aerial view of Bighorn Canyon

Long before the Bighorn River was tamed by the Yellowtail Dam, the roiling waters through the canyon were feared. During spring snowmelt, the water turned into a raging torrent, a combination of whirlpools, rapids, and eddies. Conversely, the river through the canyon had a reputation for being placid by late summer, when dry heat and lack of rainfall turned it into a sedate stream. More...