• Red cliffs descend into the water of Bighorn Canyon

    Bighorn Canyon

    National Recreation Area MT,WY

Shore Fishing

The daily catch!
The daily catch!
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Shore Fishing
The Wyoming end of the lake has over 50 miles of accessible shore line including the Yellowtail Wildlife Unit. These shore lines are close to nearby roads. Thye also have ample driftwood for shore line evening fires if needed. Please check about any fire restrictions that may be in effect during high fire danger periods. There is limited shore fishing in the Montana end of Bighorn Lake.

When shore fishing on the bottom of the lake a heavy fishing pole rigged with 20 pound plus line is best. Bait can be:

  • minnows
  • crawfish
  • worms
  • cut bait
  • artificial bait and plastics

When bait casting use a lighter rig with spinners, crankbaits, minnows, worms and artificial baits.

During the warmer months please be aware that rattlesnakes and scorpions occupy the area and take proper precautions. Please remove all trash when you leave your shore fishing area.

Fishing and Boating Regulations

Fishing Licenses for Montana and Wyoming

Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks

Wyoming Game and Fish Department

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