• Red cliffs descend into the water of Bighorn Canyon

    Bighorn Canyon

    National Recreation Area MT,WY

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area Website Linking Policy

Bighorn Canyon follows the Internet Publication Guidelines written by the National Park Service. The information below comes from those guidelines.

Non-Profit or Other Government Site Links
Links from NPS Internet sites to non-profit sites (e.g., cooperating associations, educational institutions, government agencies) are permitted.
NPS Concessionaire Links
Linking from a park page to an official concessionaire is permitted. The concession page must have a direct relationship to the concession facilities in the park (or parks, in the case of multi-concession contracts).
Tourism-related Links
Linking to state or local Chamber of Commerce or city, state, county Tourism Office web sites is permitted.
Commercial Site Links
To prevent the appearance of government endorsement, linking to commercial servers for which there is no OFFICIAL direct relationship of material is not permitted. Links to commercial or non-profit sites are allowed only under an approved fundraising relationship, or in acceptance of a donation, as described in Director's Order 21: Donations and Fundraising.
The use of logos for commercial products or non-NPS organizations (with the exception of federal, state, and local government logos) is NOT permitted on NPS Internet sites unless an approved fundraising relationship or formal acceptance of a donation is in place, as described in NPS Director's Order #21: Donations and Fundraising. Fundraising agreements must include specific language addressing the use of corporate logos to be posted on NPS-hosted websites.

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