• Red cliffs descend into the water of Bighorn Canyon

    Bighorn Canyon

    National Recreation Area MT,WY


Prairie Rattlers are the most common snakes in Bighorn Canyon NRA. It is estimated that there is one snake per acre on average, and there are over 120,000 acres in Bighorn Canyon NRA. This species usually grows to be around three feet long, and they like to hunt at night during the summer months when it is cooler. While hiking in the park, watch your step. Always step up on a rock or log before stepping completely over. Don't place your hand in a place where you cannot see. Wear loose clothing.
Jim Staebler

Did You Know?

Pryor Mountain Wild horse in a lupine meadow, photo by Kayla Grams

Bighorn Canyon NRA contains a portion of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range. The current debate on management of the herd - 188 strong as of 2009 - concerns its size and whether or not it has grown too large for its protected range. More...