• Red cliffs descend into the water of Bighorn Canyon

    Bighorn Canyon

    National Recreation Area MT,WY

Checklist Of Bighorn Canyon Fish

Shovelnose Stugeon
The Shovelnose Stugeon was reintroduced to the Bighorn River above the Yellowtail Dam in 1996
Friends of Bighorn Lake

Trout Species (Location Found)
Cutthroat Trout (Lake and River)
Yellowstone cutthroat (Lake and River)
Rainbow Trout (Lake and River)
Brown Trout (Lake and River)
Brook Trout (River - in tributary of Bighorn)
Lake Trout (Lake and River)

Other Species (Location Found)
Paddlefish (River)
Goldeye (River)
Sockeye Salmon or kokanee (Lake and River)
Mountain Whitefish (Lake and River)
Northern Pike (River)
Lake chub (Lake and River)
Carp (Lake and River)
Silvery minnow (possibly Lake and River)
Plains minnow (possibly Lake and River)
Sturgeon chub (possibly Lake and River)
Shovelnose sturgeon (Lake and River)
Flathead chub (Lake and River)
Golden shiner (Lake and River)
Fathead minnow (Lake and River)
Longnose dace (Lake and River)
River carpsucker (Lake and River)
Longnose sucker (Lake and River)
White sucker (Lake and River)
Mountain sucker (Lake)
Shorthead redhorse (Lake)
Black bullhead (Lake)
Channel catfish (Lake and River)
Stonecat (Lake and River)
Burbot or ling (Lake and River)
Plains killifish (possibly Lake and River)
Green sunfish (Lake and River)
Bluegill (Lake and River)
Largemouth bass (Lake)
Black crappie (Lake and possibly River)
Yellow perch (Lake and River)
Sauger (Lake and River)
Walleye (Lake and River)

Did You Know?

Pretty Eagle Point

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