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  • Extreme Water Shortage

    Extreme water shortage throughout park. Visitors are limited to 5 gallons per day, and are encouraged to conserve further when possible. Please consider bringing your own water to the park.

Things To Know Before You Come

Sunrise of Snow and Ice
Sunrise of Snow and Ice
NPS Photo/Jennette Jurado
Your Safety
Big Bend may be unfamiliar country, yet it need not be dangerous. Whether hiking the high country, rafting the Rio Grande, observing wildlife, or simply driving the scenic roads of this wilderness park, let safety be your constant companion. more...
Mexican Crafts
Visiting a Border Area
In addition to defining the curve that forms the Big Bend, the Rio Grande also serves as the international boundary between the United States and Mexico. more...
Lightning Storm
The old adage "if you don't like the weather, just wait a minute," often holds true in Big Bend National Park. While Big Bend generally has blue skies and warm days, the weather can change quickly and dramatically. more...
Dog on Vacation
Pets in the Park
Having a pet with you may limit some of your activities and explorations in the park. In addition, desert temperatures and predators are a serious threat to your pet's well being. more...
recycle emblem
Big Bend Recycles
Big Bend diverts over 130 tons of waste from our landfill annually. Recycling containers are located at all self-registered campgrounds and by all visitor centers. more...

Did You Know?

Cavalry camp at Glenn Springs, 1916

The May 5, 1916 raid on the communities of Glenn Springs and Boquillas, Texas by Mexican raiders led to a second American expeditionary force into Mexico to rescue two American captives. Today, the site of Glenn Springs is accessible via a primitive dirt road. More...