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Persimmon Gap Visitor Center

Persimmon Gap visitor center
The Persimmon Gap visitor center serves as an entry point for many visitors.
NPS/Big Bend National Park
Open November through April, 9:00am–4:30pm. Closed for lunch.

Persimmon Gap Visitor Center is located adjacent to the Persimmon Gap Entrance Station at the north entrance of the park.

Exhibits provide an orientation for a typical visitor experience in Big Bend National Park. Learn more about backcountry preparation, and what to expect if you attempt a river trip.

Available Facilities
Big Bend Natural History Association bookstore, public phone, and restrooms. Backcountry and river use permits are issued during normal hours. A picnic area with pit toilets is located 0.25 mile south of the entrance station.

Did You Know?

Deinosuchus skull with man standing beside it

In 1940, the fossilized remains of a gigantic crocodile was discovered in Big Bend National Park. Deinosuchus riograndensis probably hunted by ambush—lying submerged near shore, and violently seizing large dinosaurs as they foraged amid the vegetation of Big Bend's ancient swamps. More...