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Bird Watching Tour
Bird Watching Tour at Rio Grande Village
NPS Photo/Reine Wonite

Backcountry Use Permits
A Backcountry Use Permit is required for backpacking, primitive car camping, horse/stock use, and river use. Backcountry Use Permits must be obtained in person at a park visitor center and may be obtained up to 24 hours in advance of the trip. A backcountry use fee of $10.00 per permit is charged for all overnight use.

Special Use Permits
A Special Use Permit is required for nontraditional park use and activities such as weddings and groups of 40 or more hiking in the Chisos Mountains. Requests for a permit may be made by writing the Superintendent or calling the park 432-477-1108. Allow at least two weeks for processing. Fees may apply.

Commercial Use Authorization
Permits are required of all individuals, organizations or businesses who lead commercial trips within the National Park, or in other ways receive monitary gain or profit from commercial activities that take place within the park.

Commercial Filming Permits
Commercial filming and still photography require a film permit.

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