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    Big Bend

    National Park Texas

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  • Extreme Water Shortage

    Extreme water shortage throughout park. Visitors are limited to 5 gallons per day, and are encouraged to conserve further when possible. Please consider bringing your own water to the park.

Rock Climbing Regulations


Technical rock climbing is defined as any activity involving the use of rope to ascend or descend rock.

General Information
Sturdy rock lending itself to safe rock climbing is very limited in the park. The great majority of the park's exposed vertical rock is composed of unstable igneous rock and sharp fluted limestone.


  1. The use of portable electric drills is prohibited.
  2. The use of hand operated drills is allowed only with the written approval of the Superintendent.
  3. Climbing, ascending, descending, or traversing an archeological or cultural resource is prohibited.
  4. Technical rock climbing on rock faces within ¼ mile of known peregrine eyries, as posted, will not be allowed between February 1 and May 31.
  5. The rock faces of Casa Grande peak are closed to climbing.
  6. All trash, including toilet paper, must be packed out.
  7. Because colored chalk can permanently stain rock, only white chalk without oil-based additives may be used.
  8. All webbing must be removed upon conclusion of climbing activities.

Did You Know?

The Colima warbler

The Colima warbler can only be found in the United States in Big Bend National Park. Named for the region of Mexico that it calls home most of the year, the Colima warbler migrates to the Chisos Mountains during breeding season. More...