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    Big Bend

    National Park Texas

Scenic Vistas

Rain falling over the Chisos Mountains
The vast size and undeveloped nature of Big Bend allows ample opportunity for sweeping views of the desert landscape.
Eric Batchelder

Whether you are in the park for an afternoon or a week, the scenic vistas, overlooks, and waysides are worth the trip. Big Bend National Park experiences over one mile in relief from the top of the Chisos mountains to the Rio Grande. Many of the most expansive views are achieved from the upper reaches of the mountains, though overlooks are found throughout the entire park.

While in the park, finding time for scenic overlooks like Sotol vista, the Santa Elena Canyon Overlook and the Window View Trail could help make a more memorable trip.

Did You Know?

Juniper Canyon

In 1787, Governor Juan de Ugalde, leading a Spanish military expedition, attacked a band of Mescalero Apaches in a stronghold in the Chisos Mountains. The forty spanish soldiers reportedly killed several hundred Apaches. The battle occured in the area of Lower Juniper Spring.