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Southeast Rim Prescribed Fire

Map of Southeast Rim burn area

Map of Southeast Rim burn area

The Southeast Rim Prescribed Fire, conducted in December 2005 and July 2006, was an initial entry burn in an area that has not had an area-wide fire event since 1903. The goals of the Southeast Rim Prescribed Fire were to further the use of fire to mimic natural fire events in the area. The project area consisted of 343 acres.

The Southeast Rim Prescribed Burn is a prescribed fire project conducted to:

  • reduce fuel loadsin the area as a result of past fire suppression efforts and/or ice storm damage,
  • reduce the risk of a unnaturally high intensity fire event that could damage high elevation ecosystems and developed areas of the Chisos Mountains,
  • recycle nutrients,
  • enhance wildlife habitat and
  • assess fire effects on vegetation that occur in the mountain landscape of Big BendNational Park.

The objectives of the Southeast Rim Prescribed Fire included:

  • consume grass thatch (30-80%) and woody litter (20-60%)
  • reduce brush canopy 10 - 20% or more
  • evaluate prescriptions for efficiency in meeting vegetation, smoke and fire control management objectives.
  • increase public education on the role of fire on this highly visible site.

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