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    Big Bend

    National Park Texas

Insects, Spiders, Centipedes, Millipedes

Velvet Mite

Velvet Mite (Trombidium spp.)

NPS/Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park is home to a very large diversity in forms of invertebrates. A typical trip to the park will offer many sightings of tiny creatures like the Velvet Mite (Trombidium spp.) to the large Tarantulas (Aphonopelma chalcodes). The many forms of hard-bodied invertebrates have been numbered near 3,600 species and counting. Given the remoteness and the lack of research, the parks invertebrate checklist is still growing.

Some of the most easily sighted invertebrates in the park include Millipedes (Diplopoda), Butterflies (Lepidoptera), Dragonflies (Odonata), and Grasshoppers (Orthoptera). Visitors interested in finding common invertebrates in Big Bend National Park can explore this section of the website to learn more.

Did You Know?

Weathered rocks at the Grapevine Hills

Water erosion created much of the present landscape in Big Bend National Park. The igneous rock exposed in the Grapevine Hills and the Chisos Mountains, lay far underground millions of years ago. Erosion has stripped away the upper layers to reveal today's landscape. More...