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    Big Bend

    National Park Texas

Environmental Factors

NPS Photo/Cookie Ballou
There is a certain something that pulls us to places like Big Bend National Park. Whether it is viewing your first night sky, experiencing a float down the river, enjoying a scenic overlook, or simply being here, memories of Big Bend and its environment are oftentimes the strongest.

Unfortunately a number of issues are negatively affecting many of these special experiences. In the coming years, we hope that interest from the visiting public and concern for the longterm stability of park resources will shape how this park is managed.

Did You Know?

Mexican family living at Glenn Springs, 1916

The population of the Big Bend prior to the establishment of the National Park in 1944 was approximately 155 people, evenly divided between hispanics and anglos. Most of the hispanic families lived along the river and practiced subsistence farming; the anglo families were mostly ranchers. More...