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A Big Bend pronunciation guide

As a border area with a unique mixture of two cultures and regional character, many of the place names, and plant and animal species common to the Big Bend are new to many of our visitors. The words listed below are some that you might encounter on a visit to the Big Bend.

Boquillas bow-key-us River canyon; also name of Mexican commmunity
Castolon cast-oh-lon Historic district on the west side of the park
Chihuahuan chee-wah-wan The desert that the Big Bend is a part of
Chisos chee-sos Mountain range in the center of the park; location of the Basin
Cholla choy-yah Common cactus
Guayacan way-ah-kahn Common desert plant
Javelina ha-vay-lee-nah Common name for the collared peccary
Lajitas la-hee-tas Resort community to the west of the park
Lechuguilla lech-uh-gee­-ah Common desert plant
Luna’s Jacal loon-ahs hah-call Historic mexican residence along the Old Maverick Road
Mariscal mar-ees-kal Mountain in south-central part of the park
Marufo Vega mah-roof-oh vey-ga Backcountry hiking trail in the remote Deadhorse Mountains
Mesa de Anguila may-sah day an-gee-la Remote area at the western edge of the park
Mesquite mess-keet Common desert plant
Ocotillo oh ko tee yo Common desert plant
Rosillos row-see-yos Mountains in the north-central part of the park
Santa Elena san-tah a lain ah River canyon on the west side of the park
Study Butte stew-ty beaut Community to the west of the park
Tasajillo ta-suh-hee­-oh Common desert plant
Terlingua ter-ling-wah community to the west of the park
Terlingua Abajo ter-ling-wah ah-bah-ho Former mexican community north of Santa Elena Canyon
Tinaja tin-ah-hah Erosion-carved waterhole
Tornillo tor-nee-yo Major drainage on the east side of the park

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