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  • Extreme Water Shortage

    Extreme water shortage throughout park. Visitors are limited to 5 gallons per day, and are encouraged to conserve further when possible. Please consider bringing your own water to the park.

Entrance Fee Waivers

Student Field Trip
NPS Photo/Cookie Ballou

Fee Waiver Qualifications
To qualify for a fee waiver, educational and/or scientific groups must meet the following criteria:

  • Submit proof of official recognition as an accredited institution by a federal, state, or local government entity.
    (Private schools or other scientific institutions may submit documentation of tax exempt status granted for educational purposes.)
  • Submit a one-page lesson plan listing objectives, itinerary, and how lessons relate to park resources. Intended trip must relate directly to the educational or scientific purpose of the visit, and to the unique features and resources of Big Bend.
  • Submit a copy of the course description from the school's course catalog or handbook (colleges/universities).
Note: Proposed trip must be sanctioned as an approved school educational activity by an authorized school official. The form must be signed by the school's principal, department head, or other appropriate official.
How to Apply
  • Complete the Fee Waiver for Educational Study form. (see application forms below)
  • Mail or fax fee waiver request with proof of accreditation, lesson plan, and course description, at least two weeks in advance of your visit.

Fee Waivers
Attn: Entrance Fee Coordinator
National Park Service
P.O. Box 129
Big Bend National Park, TX 79834

Fax: 432-477-1176
Attn: J. Hines
Additional Information
  • If an educational fee waiver has not been granted, individuals must pay the required entrance fees, or possess applicable pass.
  • Each vehicle must have a copy of the approved fee waiver in its possession at the entrance gate or will be charged normal entrance fees.
  • All organized groups, including educational and non-profit groups, may need a Special Use Permit for conducting activities in the park in addition to an entrance fee waiver.
Additional Assistance
  • Fee Waivers: 432-477-1121
  • Special Use Permits: 432-477-1108

Application Forms

Fee Waiver: Lesson Plan form:

Did You Know?

The La Harmonia Store

The Big Bend trading posts, like the La Harmonia store in Castolon, were not the supermarkets of today but they performed a necessary service, and their operators, along with the ranchers, the cavalry, and the law enforcement officers, participated in the settlement of West Texas. More...