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These publications are freely distributed by the National Park Service. All require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

Bent's Fort Ledger Volunteer Newsletter [1524k PDF file]
The official fall - winter 2010 volunteer newsletter of Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site written for the park's volunteers, but for anyone interested in the park's activities, projects and developments.


Western National Parks Association Products and Price List
A listing of books, maps, videos, CDs, and trade goods such as blankets, beads, pots, candle lanterns, games, and candy.


Historical Resources
Reconstruction of the Fort [297k PDF file]
Fort Livestock [395k PDF file]


Natural Resource
Bird List [3.6k PDF file]
Historic Plants [4.2k PDF file]
Tamarisk Removal [3.2k PDF file]


Foreign Language Brochures of Bent's Old Fort History
Spanish - [167k PDF file]
French - [180k PDF file]
German - [165k PDF file]

Did You Know?

pocket billiards

One of the most interesting items described as being at Bent’s Fort was “a regularly established billiard room”. Mentioned by many original visitors, the billiard table is as surprising to modern visitors as it was 160 years ago. The impressive table measures 6ft. by 12ft.