These publications and applications are freely distributed by the National Park Service. All require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Frontier Skills Day March 14, 2015 Application - click here

Living History Encampment June 3-7, 2015 Application - click here


Western National Parks Association Products and Price List
A listing of books, maps, videos, CDs, and trade goods such as blankets, beads, pots, candle lanterns, games, and candy.


Historical Resources
Reconstruction of the Fort [297k PDF file]
Fort Livestock [395k PDF file]


Natural Resource
Bird List [3.6k PDF file]
Historic Plants [4.2k PDF file]
Tamarisk Removal [3.2k PDF file]


Foreign Language Brochures of Bent's Old Fort History
Spanish - [167k PDF file]
French - [180k PDF file]
German - [165k PDF file]

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