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    Bent's Old Fort

    National Historic Site Colorado

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You have the opportunity of visiting the blacksmith, trader, doctor, and cook of Bent's Fort by clicking on the Podcast Key on the left. The workers of the fort demonstrate their work in the frontier trading post.

Firearms were a vital tool at Bent's Fort for the procurement of food and for defense. Click below to join Park Ranger Bob Kisthart as he explains the different firearms used and how they worked.

Firearms: An important tool at Bent's Fort

During the winter of 1846-47, 17-year-old Lewis Garrard visited Bent's Fort and worked for William Bent. Garrard kept a diary that recorded many of the events and characters at the fort and in the nearby Cheyenne villages. Click below to watch a seven-minute film about his experiences.

Lewis Garrard and His Adventures at Bent's Fort


Did You Know?

Wagon on the Santa Fe Trail

Bent’s Fort was the only place on the Santa Fe Trail where wagons could be repaired and supplies replenished. Typically it would take 50 to 60 days or more for ox drawn wagons to make the 600 mile journey from Missouri. It would still be another month of travel before they reached Santa Fe.