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    Bent's Old Fort

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Natural Features & Ecosystems

The topography of the Arkansas River Valley in the vicinity of the fort is gently sloping. The bedrock is Bridge Creek Limestone, a member of the Greenhorn Limestone Formation. The river valley has quarternary alluvium deposits from the Wisconsin age that is overlaid with recent alluvial deposits. The museum collection has several examples of fossils. The region has a potential for oil and minerals but to date no exploration or development is planned.

- August 26th, 1870, Peter G. Scott describes in his diary the river and its banks outside the fort.
--"It runs quite rapidly, is clear and has a fringe of . . trees along its banks most places and a narrow strip of green grass, behind which rise sand bluffs."

Did You Know?

Trade room

The trade room at Bent’s Fort was stocked with items from around the world. There were glass beads from Italy, trade guns from England and Belgium, blankets and fabric from England, brass hawk bells from France, silver jewelry from Germany and vermillion from China.