Traveling Trunks


The park's Santa Fe Trail Traveling Trunk is filled with period clothing, maps, games, and pictures.  The guide book has ten lesson plans complete with worksheets, outlines, and visual aids.  The cats are not included.   

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We are pleased to announce the development of a new Santa Fe Trail traveling trunk to replace one stolen in september 2012. The traveling trunk has served as a mini-museum helping bring history alive in the classroom for the past 12 years. The trunk contains a variety of hands-on objects, books, videos, and a resource guide. The trunk is designed for primarily for 4th-6th grade classes, but can be used for any aged group effectively.

Lessons, activities, and objects are based on the cultures and lifestyles of the 1840's Santa Fe Trail people. This trunk can be used as an exhibit, for supplemental learning in the classroom or as a part of a special event. Use of the trunk must be fully monitored. The fee for use is $40.00 which covers shipping and handling one way and $20.00 if you pick it up at the site. You have to arrange for shipping and payment back to the park.

Click here for an application.

Click here for the Teacher Guide Book with lessons and trunk contents.

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