• Breathtaking autumn colors in Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

    Bering Land Bridge

    National Preserve Alaska

Natural Features & Ecosystems

A view of a glacial valley in the Bendelebens mountain, with shadows, a dusting of snow, and fall colors.
The Bendeleben Mountain Range makes up the southern border of Bering Land Bridge National Preserve
NPS Photo - Andrea Willingham

America's National Parks, often called "America's best idea," are places of unimaginable beauty, rugged land, and wildness. It is easy for most to conjure up pictures of Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Grand Canyon National Parks. These iconic places each have something that makes them truly unique.

If you were asked, "Where is one of the northernmost lava fields in the world," or "Where can you find the four largest maar lakes in the world," how would you respond?

If you answered, "in Bering Land Bridge National Preserve, of course," you would be right!

Bering Land Bridge National Preserve is a national park unit that often is overlooked due to it being over 50 miles from the closest road or airport, yet it has landscape features that make it as incredible as any other place in the country. When flying over the Lost Jim Lava flows, or Devil Mountain Maar, you will be amazed at how diverse the landscape is in the northern part of the Seward Peninsula, Alaska.

As you fly (or snow-machine) into Serpentine Hot Springs for the first time, past the iconic tors that look like something out of a Lord of the Rings movie, you will have to come up with your own descriptive words; but it will most likely be some variation of… WOW!

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