• Breathtaking autumn colors in Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

    Bering Land Bridge

    National Preserve Alaska

Nature & Science

Orange and yellow sunrise over dark snow capped mountains.
NPS Photo - Allyce Andrew
Bering Land Bridge National Preserve offers a cornucopia of biological information and exploration. It has the wildlife and permafrost features of the icy north and in contrast has had explosive volcanic events. It is a place where research is conducted on 21st century issues and where the story of the Bering Land Bridge was unearthed.

Bering Land Bridge National Preserve has a rich diversity of offerings for those wishing to experience the raw, wild nature of Alaska's far northwestern ecosystems through recreation as well as for scientific research.

Did You Know?

Two male musk oxen budding heads in the middle of the Kougarok Road in Nome, Alaska.

Muskox were once extinct on the Alaskan Seward Peninsula, but were reintroduced in 1970. They are now thriving on the Peninsula, even in the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve.