• Breathtaking autumn colors in Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

    Bering Land Bridge

    National Preserve Alaska

Environmental Factors

Three ribbons of green northern lights sweep across the night sky
The northern lights can be sighted over Bering Land Bridge
NPS Photo - Andrea Willingham

The arctic is home to some of the most beautiful phenomena on earth, such as the Northern Lights, and at the same time is one of the most fragile ecosystems, vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Explore these pages to learn about the science and local perspectives on environmental factors in Bering Land Bridge National Preserve.

Did You Know?

An inactive 2005 Bilge Creek Fire.

A lightning strike ignites a fire in the preserve. The fire burns for a week and then rain puts it out. In about 7 years, a visitor could walk on the burned site having no idea there once was a fire under his or her feet. This speedy site re-vegetation is typical of tundra fire adapted ecosystems.